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Baghouse Dust Collectors

The award winning Donaldson Rugged Pleat (RP) Baghouse sets a new standard for baghouse dust collector performance, combining innovative collector design with advanced filtration technology in our most maintenance-friendly design ever. The Rugged Pleat Baghouse is ideal for the heavy and/or abrasive dust applications typically found in woodworking, mining, grain processing, and other industries. Combining a cyclone pre-cleaner and baghouse into a single unit, the Rugged Pleat handles heavy dust loads and large air volumes, and utilizes a positive displacement (PD) pump to provide energy-efficient filter cleaning.
The rugged Donaldson® Torit® RF baghouse collector handles heavy dust loads and large volumes of air more effectively than any collector on the market. The small footprint of the RF combines a cyclone precleaner and a baghouse into one unit. It features a powerful yet energy-efficient cleaning system, eliminating the need for compressed air to clean the bags. Combined with the revolutionary Dura-Life™ “Twice the Life” bag filters, or our new Ultra-Web SB pleated bag filter offering, the award-winning RF gets the job done while using much less energy than competitor collectors. Side by side, no other baghouse provides more performance than the Donaldson Torit RF baghouse collector.
The Donaldson® Torit® Modular Baghouse (MB) delivers reliable, efficient, continuous-duty, pulse-jet operation. The MB advantage is found in the breakthrough technology of Dura-Life™ bag filters. Dura-Life bags offer longer bag life and reduced emissions. The MB is now also available with Ultra-Web Spunbond Pleated Bags. This option provides pleated filters with our Ultra-Web fine fiber web-like net to capture dust on the surface of the filter. These filters reduce emissions, provide longer filter life and allow the collector to be downsized to reduce the overall purchase price. The MB provides reliable service with easy maintenance. Computer designed inlets and deflector plates, coupled with maximized bag spacing, result in optimal airflow with minimal abrasion. Advanced valves, providing 50% more cleaning air, result in a more efficient operation. Over the life of the collector, no other baghouse can provide this much value.
The versatile Donaldson® Torit® Dalamatic series of dust collectors deliver a powerful solution for nearly any dust filtration application. These collectors come in two models: the Dalamatic Cased (DLMC) is a stand alone collector that can be ducted to many different applications; the Dalamatic Insertable (DLMV) is a versatile collector that can be inserted into various applications, such as bins, silos, bunkers, storage vessels or transfer points. Both models are continuous-duty dust collectors designed to handle the most difficult product recovery applications.
The Unimasterdust collector from Donaldson® Torit® is designed to maximize dust collection and the life of collector components for years of extended service. In production for over 40 years, the Unimaster collector’s compact design and quiet operation is an industry success. Yet, Donaldson Torit is continually improving the Unimaster to ensure that it provides efficient, trouble-free service. A self-contained collector with everything needed to begin collecting dust, the Unimaster comes complete with fan and fan motor, automatic shaker and shaker motor, and system controller making installation quick and easy. Since the automatic shaker cleans the bag filters, there is no need for expensive compressed air. Ideal for intermittent operations in plant processes, the Unimaster can be used as a central system or at the point of dust generation.
Dust laden air is pushed into the dirty air plenum by a high volume, high pressure heavy duty material handling fan. The dusty air is evenly distributed down inside of the high flow polyester bags which capture the dust and allow clean air to pass back into the work environment. Dust captured inside the bag is carried down into the dust receptacles at the bottom of the collector via gravity and airflow. An optional automatic shaker is available for even better collector performance.
The Donaldson® Torit® LP Baghouse dust collector provides superior bag filter cleaning performance in a reverse air design. The LP advantage is a cleaning arm with a flow-stop plate that keeps air from flowing through the bag filters before and after cleaning. Dust from cleaned bag filters cannot be re-entrained onto adjacent bags, resulting in lower pressure drop and reduced energy costs. Combine this with Dura-Life™ “Twice the Life” bag filters as standard and the LP Baghouse is better than any other reverse air collector on the market today.
Compact, self-contained dust collector delivers excellent efficiency for in-plant dust and smoke control.
  • Reliable and cost-efficient filtration on nuisance dust generated in industrial operations.
  • High collection efficiency of 99.9% allows recirculation of heated and/or air-conditioned plant air.
  • Manually-operated filter shaker makes filter cleaning easy. Quick access to dust drawers and dust pails provides easy and safe maintenance
  • Filter changes have never been easier with the EZ Filter Pack™ , a one-piece, lightweight filter bag that installs without tools and provides a positive pressure seal